Medical installation solution provider since 2008
Provide the installation of medical equipment to minimize the risk.

Medical Mounting Solutions Provider Since 2008
Offering Mounting Medical Equipment To Minimize Risk.

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Medical Mounting Solutions: Quality You Can Count On.

We are the reliable source of the medical monitor bracket that have been used for many years.
Help hospitals and nursing homes with optimized workflows.

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Akiteck provides well designed Vesa Monitor Mount, especially for the medical industry to allow medical professionals to perform various types of tasks from a certain location. As the hospitals and health care centers are enhancing their efficiency to meet meaningful goals, the demand for technology is also increasing in all ways. Here we come up with highly effective Medical Mounting Solutions that are customizable according to the patients’ comfort and needs. We at Akiteck offer durable, flexible, and easy-to-use mounting arms that not only improve operational efficiency but offer great comfort to the patients.


Akiteck feels elated to offer reliable Computer on Wheels COW which is based on cutting-edge technology. We believe in delivering the highest quality of Medical Equipment globally. Our efficient customizable mount arms allow users to place the monitor screen at a suitable angle, depth, and height to promote a right posture and eliminate the strain to look over the screen. Akiteck healthcare associates serve as a team to provide the highest level of service without compromising quality. We stock a vast index of medical equipment to be delivered in any corner of the world. If you are interested in distributorship and dealership, we are ready to offer to an eligible and experienced person. If you have any confusion and query in your mind, we have covered your back. Call/Contact us now.


Desiring a clean, sterile, protective environment in your health care center! We at Akiteck offer an extensive range of products with customization capabilities. Our expert team can design, develop and deliver top-quality medical components that match the client’s specifications.

We provide the solution you are looking for. Our trained and experienced staff offers certified designs and high-class manufacturing quality to products. Wanna know more about how a partnership with OEM Patient Care can enhance the value of your business! Contact us now.

About Us

Akiteck International has experience in delivering a diverse range of customized and ready-made Medication equipment including Medical Cart, Patient Monitor Cart, Ultrasound Cart, and much more for many years. Each of our products is well fitted to customers’ needs and expectations. We aim to provide an ideal medical mounting product to ease everyday tasks in health care and optimize the workflow. 

We are the best dealer in the Medical Mounting Solution Industry as our every design has been implemented after thorough research and development. We are extending our functional area by manufacturing the devices directly to deliver improved, cost-efficient, and quality products.  Looking for ideal medical mounting products, contact us today.

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